The Changing Dynamics of Data Mediation in Telecom

The role of data mediation in telecom systems is evolving, as data in telecommunications becomes an increasingly important differentiator for communication service providers (CSPs) operating in markets across the world.

There are now approximately 5.5 billion unique mobile subscribers around the world, with a combined 11.1 billion mobile and cellular IoT connections, representing almost 6% year-on-year growth in total connections. 

Yet the environment remains complex for CSPs. The need for expanding infrastructure investment to realize the potential of platform 5G technologies, and global financial headwinds and inflationary pressures, continue to cause challenges for the industry. 

Data will be a fundamental driver to protect existing revenue, and unlock new revenue opportunities in this evolving ecosystem. It can help optimize business processes, enhance revenue and business assurance, protect customers and operators against fraud, improve customer service, and help identify and deliver personalized products and services as well as new revenue streams to build enterprise value.

The state of big data in telecom operations

Telecoms has long solidified its position as an industry based on data. That data is now generated at a remarkable pace, from a diverse range of touch points throughout the telecom value chain.

CSPs are capturing data that includes time of call, call length, daily usage patterns, social media data, aggregated network traffic data, covering areas such as network performance, fault monitoring, call management, and more. Emerging data sources now include deep integration across the digital ecosystem, adding complex application data, social media engagement, and user profile, interactions, and demographics.

The volume of mobile data traffic globally almost doubled between 2020–2022, from 40.77 exabytes to 77.49 exabytes, revealing the huge growth in use of mobile networks for digital engagement. Mobile traffic now accounts for roughly half of total global web traffic. 

It’s fair to say this data is a rich treasure trove of insight, but one which many telecoms companies still struggle to fully actualize. The reality is that data is value, and ensuring the right data systems are in place is the best way to unlock it. That means a fit-for-purpose data mediation system in telecom is vital.

Analysts IDC predict that the global datasphere—the amount of data created, captured, replicated, and consumed annually—will more than double in size over the period 2022-2026. This not only demonstrates the remarkable volumes of data that CSPs will have to cope with, but also the arena of opportunity to capture and grow value. 

Data mediation is key to telecom success

An effective data mediation solution is about capturing that torrent of data, and transforming it into actionable and valuable business insight. Data mediation is like the mill wheel of the old industrial revolution, capturing the power of water and leveraging it to generate a valuable end product. 

Data mediation captures, collects, and processes the huge variety and volume of data which flows through CSP systems. This function will be increasingly important, as new waves of IoT-connected devices continue to emerge—projected to double to reach 30 billion devices by 2030. 

Telecom operators have traditionally faced issues with siloed data running through multiple different, and often disparate, systems supported by different hardware architectures. Often this includes use of different, complex tools with high barriers for adoption. These challenges can significantly drive up costs and reduce time to market for launching new services.

Neural Technologies’ Data Mediation solution incorporates sophisticated data integration, caching, and ETL tools that perform better than rival stand-alone mediation solutions, creating an integrated solution capable of running any digital data processing scenario from both legacy and new data collection systems.

This advanced mediation solution provides end-to-end lifecycle management of data with a rapidly scalable deployment, based on open architecture to provide for both real-time and batch data processing. It supports streaming and IoT integration using industry accepted messaging queues, and supports all popular OS and hardware platforms. It enables high availability as well as container-enabled functionality for cloud deployments.

This single-platform approach delivers significant cost savings for customers, including reduced total cost of ownership. Rapid deployment allows for quicker time to market, with flexible configuration capabilities.

Our Data Mediation product is a core part of our Data Integration suite of solutions, which deliver powerful opportunities for big data in telecom, including streaming data analytics, big data integration, and systems integration. It is designed to leverage pioneering artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable automated and semi-automated solutions for a high-volume telecoms data landscape.

Data in telecommunications is a powerful opportunity, and one that CSPs are increasingly encouraged to explore. Neural Technologies Data Mediation solution can provide the linchpin to connect that generated data to genuine business opportunity.

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