What Does Data Mediation Mean For Your Business?

Not all data is equal. Some data have value, while other data does not. You have the power to change that.

Appropriate data transformation and mediation is the differentiator between a clear communication, and the echo of a voice screaming into the wind. Effective data mediation turns unactionable data into structured data understanding. 

We all want to make smart decisions for our businesses. In an increasingly digital world, that means leveraging the remarkable potential of data to drive that understanding. 

Data mediation is a process of data transformation that turns raw data into actionable business insights, providing a platform that empowers analytics for business decision making.

Embracing actionable data insight

The sheer volume of data produced today is mind-boggling. Analysts IDC project that the volume of data created between 2020 and 2023 will be more than the data created over the preceding 30 years.

Every telephone call, instant message, video upload, bill payment, or check-in at a physical location is an event that generates data. Beyond these human-triggered events, the world of machine-generated communication is accelerating at a remarkable pace as automation and the internet of things (IoT) becomes integral to modern business operations.

Capturing this data is only part of the problem. This creates huge data lakes of potential insight. But that potential often goes unrealized. Data mediation solutions like those offered by Neural Technologies take that data lake and transform it into something your enterprise can act upon.

A study from 2012 reveals that just 1% of the total data generated globally is analyzed. That means 99% of all data is at best stored, and at worst lost, without generating insight. While data mediation capabilities and digital transformation have expanded rapidly since that seminal study, so too has the total volume of the global data sphere, raising important questions about how and why enterprises act upon their data.

Transforming data into understanding

In the simplest possible terms, data mediation takes captured data, and translates it into a structured format your business can use. 

Think of this process like taking trillions of individual letters and numbers stored in no particular order in a vast library and turning it into a clear manuscript you can read. 

Except the reality is that the volume and variety of data means those letters and numbers are in thousands of different languages and alphabets, and the library continues to grow at an astonishing rate every second. That’s why an advanced data mediation solution is needed.

Neural Technologies leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver on this promise. It allows rapid, automated data mediation that delivers actionable data insight in real-time or near-real-time. That capability is essential when trying to grapple with the ever-increasing volume of enterprise data.

What’s equally important for today’s businesses is embracing a data mediation solution that can deliver appropriate data transformation on all data sources. Data analytics for decision making requires your business to understand all the insight, not just some of it. 

To go back to our library analogy, if you’re reading just one type of book, in a single language, you’re quickly going to fall behind the competition who have access to the whole range of insight being generated. What’s more, with the right data mediation systems, they are reading books published six months in advance of your ability to access them using clunky, legacy systems. 

That’s why comprehensive and adaptive data mediation is so critical, and something at the heart of Neural Technologies’ own solution. It delivers timely data conversion that integrates both legacy data sources, and new, emerging data collection systems. It is scalable to cope with the growing volume of data. It is user-friendly and easy to configure. Build your own mediation workflows to ensure that not only is the data translated, but presented for enterprise data analysis in an understandable way. 

Appropriate data mediation is a gateway to business understanding. It delivers cost savings through lower total cost of ownership and reduced resource burden for analysis. It empowers more accelerated time-to-market for new products and services. It enables more personalized product and service delivery to customers. It provides a platform of scalable business insight which unlocks a wide range of new revenue opportunities.

Data mediation is understanding. It’s taking the ‘when’ of data events and turning them into a ‘how’ and ‘why’ that provides a foundation of informed business decision making. It’s not just a solution to managing your data, but a platform to transform it into genuine business value. 

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