Reflecting on Real Value from Data Integration

Data is opportunity. It powers business decision making, optimizes business processes, mitigates enterprise risks, and is vital to identifying new and emerging opportunities in our dynamic business environment.

The challenge in the modern landscape has transformed from a fight to capture data, to a battle to understand it. Businesses need to implement smart data integration tools backed by a fit-for-purpose data mediation solution that allows them to genuinely understand where, what, and how risk and opportunity can be managed.

In our latest blog recap, we look at how data mediation is fundamental to business success, and some of the key elements and opportunities data can deliver. 

Data Mediation for the Modern Landscape

Data does not have value in itself, it must be understood to unlock benefits for business. An effective data mediation solution is vital in the modern landscape, turning potentially lucrative data into genuine business insight. 

Data Mediation from Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies works with customers around the world to help them optimize data integration and availability to deliver real business value. Our Data Mediation product is designed to deliver a flexible, scalable solution that can power up your business with user-friendly insight. 

Four Elements to Unlock Value Through Data Transformation

Data is generated from a wide range of sources, and is captured across a variety of formats. Transforming that data into smart insight for your business relies on four pillars of data transformation—constructive, destructive, aesthetic, and structural. 

How Neural Technologies Used Machine Learning to Tackle Simbox Fraud

The Revenue and Assurance Group (RAG) estimate that simbox fraud could cost CSPs up to an eye-watering USD6.86bil annually. Neural Technologies’ sophisticated machine learning solutions have a proven track record in reducing that risk for customers. 

Five Evolving Areas of Global Fraud Management

The global fraud landscape is constantly evolving, as fraudsters look to new, novel ways to defraud enterprises and their customers. In a changing landscape, here are five key evolving areas of global fraud management which organizations should be aware of. 

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