Revenue Protection Is A Need, Not A Want

Revenue protection should be a ‘need’, not a ‘want’ for your business, reflecting the significant value that can be unlocked by these essential solutions. 

Organizations could be losing between 1% to 5% of revenue due to leakage, according to analysis by global professional services firm EY. For the largest telecom operators—with annual revenue over USD150bil—that could lead to a staggering USD1.5bil to USD7.5bil lost to revenue leakage each year. Even for more modest communication service providers (CSPs), an annual revenue of USD100mil could still reflect USD5mil lost to revenue leakage annually. Those figures make for challenging operations in the current disrupted market landscape. 

At Neural Technologies, we have decades of experience delivering revenue protection solutions for communication service providers (CSPs). Revenue assurance in telecom can deliver rapid return on investment, reducing unnecessary revenue leakage and significantly improving your revenue retention rates. Here are six areas where our sophisticated solutions are helping deliver a stronger value proposition for telecoms operators.

Neural Technologies’ Fraud Management solution provides a fast, accurate and scalable platform fit for today’s high-volume data landscape, offering  unlimited data source integration with flexible behavioral profiling enabling a range of sophisticated detection tools including link analysis, rules and machine learning capabilities.

Our intelligent Fraud Management solution (FMS) provides a self-learning solution that allows fraud management processes to adapt to ever-changing fraud patterns, delivering robust and comprehensive fraud protection for effective enterprise risk management, acting to prevent fraud before it impacts your finances.

Identifying revenue leakage and business process failures is critical to realizing the greatest value from your revenue generating activities, and one which now faces the challenges of a rapidly changing revenue assurance landscape. Neural Technologies’ Revenue Assurance and Business Assurance products help you capture and identify revenue discrepancies, with root cause detection backed by machine learning that delivers adaptive monitoring and insight to enhance revenue systems and processes and detect evolving fraud risks.

This flexible and configurable solution allows CSPs to rapidly prevent and control leakages, providing timely intervention with significant cost-saving implications. It provides informed insight which enables enterprises to recover lost revenue potential, optimize revenue growth, and effectively improve your revenue systems. 

  • SCAMBlock

Neural Technologies’ SCAMBlock solution is designed to respond to the growing threat of spam and scam calls, reducing the financial risk to both CSPs and their customers, and limiting reputational damage to operators. 

We have designed a scalable, adaptive, end-to-end solution which can be customized to meet the scam blocking needs of operators around the world. It allows CSPs to monitor every call made on a network, regardless of size, and incorporates automated active blocking of high-risk calls to reduce both exposure to risk and hassle for customers. SCAMBlock provides a solution to analyze, and capture suspected scam calls, and the ability to block scam calls while continuously adapting to changing scam call techniques. 

Money laundering can not only present a direct threat to the finances of a business, but generate significant regulatory penalties that could ultimately lead to major financial losses. An effective anti-money laundering solution provides comprehensive protection against both internal and external money laundering threats.

Neural Technologies’ Anti-Money Laundering product provides key regulatory alignment by checking against known money laundering and terrorism lists, bolstered by the addition of powerful machine learning technologies, with sophisticated neural network technology to monitor and manage transactions, and undertake complex link analysis to identify high-risk events. 

Bad credit poses a major risk to CSPs, and one which is likely to grow in the current financial landscape. Neural Technologies’ Credit Risk solution leverages the latest in AI and machine learning technology to deliver actionable, data-driven, fast and effective credit risk assessments that reduce exposure to credit risk while maintaining outstanding customer assessment and retention.

This solution allows CSPs to assess and understand customer credit limits from onboarding through the entire lifecycle, providing near-real-time monitoring and understanding of debt exposure, and allowing enterprises to set dynamic credit limits that offer a customizable solution to fit customer needs, with clear dashboard reporting for business oversight. The machine learning functionality also provides predictive risk assessment with early warning signs of credit risks, allowing for clear tracking and automated intervention to mitigate bad debt exposure.  

Mobile money is a high-growth financial industry, with over 1.35bil registered mobile money accounts with annual transaction value of over USD1tril according to industry association GSMA. 

Neural Technologies’ Mobile Money solution covers all mobile money transactions, and incorporates sophisticated KYC technologies, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide comprehensive protection programs for mobile money risks. Advanced link analysis built on our neural network technologies allows our Mobile Money solution to rapidly identify fraudulent transactions, while also matching against sanction lists to ensure AML and CFT compliance, including cash in and out and balance movements. 

Neural behavioral modeling operates alongside traditional rules and threshold-based techniques, providing adaptive and predictive mobile money fraud protection that improves detection rates and reduces false-positive ratios

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